Estimate Terms and Conditions

1. The estimates on our FREE cost estimation page are subject to change without prior notice BUT we will do our best to adhere to these estimates the best we can.

2. The estimates already include our FDA and HALAL certified disinfectants that has the following benefits:

  • Is a quats based terminal disinfectant and deodorizer.
  • None corrosive.
  • Used to sanitize/disinfect kitchen equipments, utensils, floors, toilets, sinks and all general disinfecting applications by restaurants and food manufacturing plants.
  • Used by water bottling, meat processing and food manufacturing for sanitation/disinfection.

3. The estimates are inclusive of all personal protective equipment (PPEs) and electronic fogging machine.

4. Estimate is valid for 1 Month only.

5. Formal agreement and final details will have to be signed by you before a disinfection service is to be arranged.